Your trust means everything to us.

We understand that many people have concerns about providing private data to others, and for that reason SHARE For Cures is committed to the highest level of privacy and security controls available in the industry. It’s also why we let you decide what data you want to share and who you want to share it with.


  • We believe that your health data is your property. We want to enable you to easily SHARE it for research, but only on your terms.
    • No one can use your data without your permission.
    • You decide what data to collect as well as who can see it and why.
  • We treat your data in the same way as your healthcare providers to maintain your privacy.
  • All deidentification will take place using one of the two HIPAA standard methods: safe harbor deidentification or statistical, expert-determination deidentification.


  • We segregate your data in separate, secure and individually encrypted repositories to keep your identity and data as safe as possible.
  • All data is secured and encrypted at all times, or as we say "in-flight" and "at-rest".
  • We have 24 hour / 7 days-a-week active security monitoring.
  • Our systems are hosted in several state-of-the-art facilities that are used by the largest companies and governments in the world.
  • We are constantly working to improve our security, which is why we are actively pursuing the latest health IT security certification - HITRUST