How It Works

SHARE For Cures has built a technology platform called SHARE, the System for Health And Research date Exchange that enables anyone to collect and aggregate their health and wellness data from many different places. This will include electronic medical records from multiple providers as well as wellness data from apps and mobile devices. The platform can currently connect to nearly half of the hospitals in the U.S.

The system is being built in multiple phases. The first phase features the launch of the SHARE website & user portal. In the portal, you can easily connect multiple data sources by choosing medical providers you have seen and health apps you have used and entering your credentials. Then you can see all of your health data in one simple place within your SHARE account. At any time, you can adjust your sharing settings to reflect what data you feel comfortable sharing and what data you don’t, and with whom.

SHARE For Cures partners with research organizations, such as academic institutions, hospitals, and other disease-focused nonprofits to provide fully-consented real-world data to researchers in order to speed cures and improve health. With user permission, SHARE For Cures may also share data with corporations interested in improving health such as pharmaceutical companies.

All sharing is directed by you. You are the only person who has the power to determine with whom, and how, we will share your data.

Are you willing to help advance medical research?

SHARE Your Data